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Ken: captkck(at-sign)

Maryann: duringerML(at-sign)

For non-emergency e-mail or e-mail with attachments, please use these addresses.

Note: We cannot use these accounts when we are on passage or do not have access to the internet.

Satellite E-mail


If you must reach us right away, use the satellite e-mail.

Note: The iridium e-mail works over an expensive satellite phone link. Thus we request that you restrict messages sent on this account to plain text, no attachments. We check our satellite e-mail at least once a day.

Snail Mail

We'd be happy to provide you with our Florida snail mail adress. Please send an e-mail request to us at duringerML(at sign) and we'll send it on to you.

We receive snail mail deliveries about about once a month. Thus, no quick responses to letters sent via the US Postal Service. However, it is still wonderful to receive letters and packages from family and friends.

Cell Phone

Ken: 1-650-888-3916

Maryann: 1-650-218-6653

Brooklyn Bridge House on Salt Cay Pier at Grand Turk Casa Lopez Luperon