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We are Ken and Maryann, formerly residents and workaholics from Silicon Valley, specifically Palo Alto, California. We both were born and raised in southern California, and are of the baby boomer generation. We've been working in high tech (computer systems and children's educational software) to pay the bills and sometimes for the challenge, excitement, and potential of it all. But all too often just for the paycheck. We've got 4 kids between the 2 of us and as they're through college and reasonably well settled it's time to live a little for ourselves. We're both a bit reticent about sharing personal information and are still getting used to this very public display; maybe we'll add more information later.

Ken Ken and Maryann Ken and Maryann
Ken on the Beach Maryann at Waderick Wells in the Bahamas Anchoring in the Culebra harbor Ken with his computer